Matt "Big Stats" Frankel and Carrie "Skippa" Davies first met at a K-12 school for learning disabled students, named, Frostig at the time he was 18 and she was 13 years old. They kept in touch through Myspace. In early 2007, Matt "Big Stats" Frankel was working on developing an indy mom and pop music label (MSFP) after studying and perfecting his craft as a Protools Music Producer. After a chance encounter on the Santa Monica Promenade he ran into a rapper whose voice resembled Tupac his name was Qraun (Crown) and he came along with and r&b singer by the name of Tiara Mora. Soon after that Big Stats reconnected with Skippa after hearing a rap that she did on Myspace. These four soloists went on too do several club shows together as the M$FP KR3W and there biggest crowed pleaser was song called Hotspot. In early 2010, Matt "Big Stats" Frankel made a bold move too announce that he was going too attempt too represent MSFP and the M$FP KR3W on the number one most watched reality TV show American Idol. It was here on season 10 where he made television history being the first person too rap in the American Idol audition room a trend that has been followed several times since then Big Stats has developed a small underground fan base that he still communicates with too this day via Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Fans often are requesting about more episodes of the Youtube series RADIO MSFP. In 2012 Tiara decide to set away from the M$FP KR3W to focus solo projects such as song produced by Big Stats titled  Almost There (as seen and for sale on As a bold move to replace Tiara, the M$FP KR3W took on two new members a pop rock vocalist by the name  of Andres and third rapper by the name of Ready to experiment on a new song tilted Dead or Alive. Unfortunately this replacement didn't last long. It was back to three members. As Qraun fell upon difficult time he started do more behind scenes work producing several songs including The Orgy for the group. Money got tight and he had to fly to be with his kids in Texas. As the duo of Big Stats and Skippa continue to this day as the M$FP KR3W Qraun Continues to be an honorary member of the Group and still Produces for us via email.


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